1). Be World Ready Travel Grant $500

All Niagara College students who participate in a Study Abroad experience, a Work Abroad experience, or an International Field Study are eligible to apply for a Be World Ready $500 travel grant.

Step 1 (before you depart):

Have your international opportunity pre-approved before you depart, to ensure your eligibility for the Be World Ready Travel Grant.

  • Click the Apply Now button on the right hand side to start filling out the BWR International Opportunity & Grant form or click here.
Step 2 (when you return):

Fill out Student (Step 2) – BWR Travel Grant Completion Form:

  • Log into your Niagara College Blackboard
  • Click Be World Ready Organization (You are added to the organization automatically)
  • Click Trip Information
  • Go into your specific trip folder
  • Click on Be World Ready Grant Submission Upload
  • Download the Be World Ready Travel Grant Submission form
  • Fill out the form and attach this form along with a photo taken from your time abroad
Receiving your grant:
  • Once your BWR Travel Grant Submission Form has been approved, you will be contacted by the Financial Aid office to arrange a method of payment.

If you require any assistance with uploading your submission please email