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Niagara College Culinary students export Canada Day celebrations to Ecuador

Canada’s 150th is just on the horizon; to celebrate, two hand-picked students and one Niagara College chef are going international to cook some signature Canadian dishes for the fourth time in NC’s history. The Canadian Food and Wine Institute’s (CFWI) Chef Daniel Leblanc and 2017 grads Lucas Daneluk of the Culinary Apprenticeship program and Logan Mulligan of the Culinary Management program have flown out to prepare a Canada Day dinner for members of the Ecuadorian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Guayaquil (CCECG).

Although the official meal will take place on the 23rd, the team left Canada on the 20th for a busy week of cooking and demonstrations of Canadian culinary skills. Chef Leblanc explains classic Canadian ingredients like maple syrup and jams are sent south in advance to prepare for the dinner. Niagara College’s own Icewine was also sent in advance of the crew’s arrival.

“The CCECG not only provides a unique experiential opportunity abroad for CFWI students via the Canada Day celebrations but also to students from the School of Business & Management through internship positions each year,” said chef Leblanc, “Future activities with the CCECG will include extending opportunities for cultural and global engagement across disciplines, into the NC classroom by connecting CCECG industry members with applied learning opportunities for students to support the growth of their cultural intelligence.

Mulligan and Daneluk will miss their own convocation in favour of this trip; with that kind of dedication, Niagara College’s CFWI should have no trouble showing off at this international appearance.

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