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Students prepare for take-off this spring on three International Field Study trips

The Be World Ready (BWR) program’s International Field Studies (IFS) trips, work abroad program, and summer institutes program, will see more than 100 NC students, staff and faculty participate in an international adventure this term.

The spring season is known to spur growth, and 2019 BWR Spring IFS trips are no exception as the College is offering three unique international learning adventures this April.

“NC’s IFS trips presents students with the opportunity to connect the practical skills they learned in their classroom with a global mindset, aiming to create ‘world-ready’ and ‘work-ready’ graduates,” said Maxine Semple-Ozog, NC’s cultural and global engagement manager. “It’s culturally diverse learning environments also provide the opportunity for staff and students to become more globally engaged, both personally and in their field of study. Through IFS, they further develop their intercultural skills – a highly-sought after soft skill in today’s job market.”

India: Health & Wellness, Nursing & Dental Program – April 20 to May 2
Twenty-three NC students will engage in meaningful applied community work in the healthcare sector in community outreach clinics in India. Students will engage in professional shadowing at a hospital in Chandigarh and have the chance to visit public and private hospitals in India to gain perspective of India’s healthcare practices and services.

Prost auf Deutschland: Brewmaster & Brewery Operations Management – April 21 to April 29
Geared towards students in NC’s Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management programs, 42 NC students will gain a holistic view of the brewing industry in Germany. Students will tour several brewing equipment manufacturers, local breweries, and visit one of the most prestigious brewing schools in the world, the Technical University of Munich. In addition, the IFS trip will include a visit to the oldest monastic brewery in the world in Weltenberg to gain a better understanding of how Germans managed brewing from AD 1050 until the present.

Bremen, Germany: Global Education – April 21 to May 1
Building on the success of NC’s inbound exchange with one of the College’s longest standing international academic partners, Hochschule Bremen, the two academic institutions have partnered to deliver an accelerated Global Education course in Bremen, Germany, as part of a BWR IFS trip. Over 20 NC students will have the opportunity to work with German peers throughout the course, expanding both student groups’ intercultural skillsets and broadening their international networks. The Global Education Course will be comprised of in-class activities and industry site visits to experience international business practices first-hand and gain a better understanding of the country’s business fundamentals.

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