Be World Ready – Lead Trip Report

  • Purpose of IFS Lead - Trip Report

    This form has been created to capture a brief overview of the opportunities and challenges experienced by our NC leads on a completed IFS. This form is to be completed within one week of return of the trip to ensure timely reporting of any incidents. Once submitted, a formal debrief with the Manager, Cultural & Global Engagement will be scheduled.
  • Please select the trip you led and will be providing feedback on.
  • In 500 words or less, please tell us how the BWR team could have better supported you during the development, promotion, preparation, and execution of the IFS (including in-country assistance).
  • Please tell us in 500 words or less if any suggested modifications should be made to this IFS if offered in the future (e.g. was the destination appropriate, should the IFS be moved to a different break week, should there be additional inclusions to the trip)
  • Please provide any feedback about how we could have prepared and supported you better for this lead opportunity. For example, would first-aid training, mental health first aid, etc. have been helpful for your experience. We welcome all recommendations and thoughts.
  • Would you recommend leading an IFS to your colleagues in the future? If so, why or why not.
  • Please share the top 3 professional development outcomes from your lead experience. We also welcome any personal development that has resulted in your participation as a lead.
  • Please share your feedback about the time commitments requested of you to lead this For example, was too much time requested of you for preparation and training?
    Would you be willing to be paired up with a future NC lead to share your experiences as a mentor to support their lead development in advance of their trip? This mentorship would include meeting with a future lead 1-3 times before they depart, informally and independently to help share your experiences.
  • Please report any challenges which you faced during your time as the lead on IFS (e.g. low student participation level, travel challenges, student issues).
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 50 MB, Max. files: 15.
      Please upload any incident reports created as a result of this IFS.