From camping on beaches in Peru, to trekking through coffee fields in the mountains of the Dominican Republic, to the board rooms of international businesses in Ireland, to learning in a 900-year-old brewery cellar in Germany, and community clinics in India, Ecuador, and Guatemala, these unique 7-12 day faculty and staff led experiences are available during NC’s fall, winter, and spring break weeks. Use your break week to learn and earn course credit outside the walls of your classroom during these adventures abroad created by NC for NC students.

Open IFS Opportunities

Closed IFS Opportunities

Italy – Experience Italia

Travel to a unique landscape with unparalleled beauty and a host of archeological, artistic and historical significance. Brescia, Italy has a history spanning back thousands of years and has played an important role in historical events since the Roman Empire that has left a powerful mark on Western culture & cuisine. ITINERARY TO BE CONFIRMED

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Peru – Oceans to Andes

We begin our journey in Cusco, a vibrant city that thrives on tourism and was once the capital of a mighty empire. There, our group will acclimatize to the sights, smells, sounds, and altitude of the region. We’ll hit the city’s cobblestone streets learning the country’s colonial history and the effects tourism has had on

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Otago Polytechnic – New Zealand

Embark on a journey to deepen your understanding of the preservation of our natural environment while broadening your intercultural awareness by discovering the unique culture of the first people of southern New Zealand – a tribe of Māori known as Kai Tahu. Take the opportunity to engage with the natural environment and learn the skills

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India – Exploring Healthcare

Travel to one of the most beautiful countries in the world and practice your skills outside the classroom. India offers the chance to experience an entirely different health care system, see one of the Seven Wonders of the World and grow your skills and abilities as a health care professional.

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Denmark – Live Like a Local

Denmark is a global leader in sustainability!  Home to the world’s first 100 percent renewable energy powered island, an old industrial plant turned ski hill and thousands of other remarkable sustainable innovations.  Students participating in this experience will have the opportunity to experience Denmark’s world class active & public transport, renewable energy use, sustainable supply

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Scotland – Spirit of the Highlands

Scotland is home to bagpipes, tartans and over 120 active distilleries that come in all shapes and sizes. From large ones with innovative displays and interactive exhibits explaining the process, to small ones which have preserved their distilling techniques and secrets since the 18th century. From the lowlands to the highlands sample your way through

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