International Field Study

Guatemala: At Origin Winter 2018

Guatemala: At Origin Winter 2018


The “At Origin” program goes deep inside the original Banana Republic where a lush fertile land conceals bitter fruit. From the bustling markets of Guatemala’s capitals to the smallholder farms of the highlands, we’ll explore a country where land and livelihoods are intertwined and coffee and malnutrition go hand-in-hand. We’ll meet farmers in their fields, talk shop with local retailers and get our hands dirty on community-based initiatives. We’ll immerse in highland culture and see how hunger grows in the global south and what people are doing to grow, cook, and weave their way out of it?

The combination of hands-on projects, cultural immersion, and adventure will challenge us to think critically about our next meal and how we, as consumers in the global north, can promote social justice at origin.

Day 1—3

After picking everyone up at La Aurora Int’l Airport in Guatemala City, we’ll take our orientation to the country’s former capital, Antigua. We’ll hang at the Earth Lodge, a sustainable avocado farm, and orient ourselves to the country’s cultural and geographic landscape while we begin to trace food back to its origin.

Then, its onto nearby San Miguel Escobar where we’ll dive into our exploration of the global food system with De La Gente, a small but sustainable coffee and agricultural cooperative. We’ll begin with a cooking lesson with the best chefs around – local mamás who will open their family kitchens to our team. After enjoying the delicious outcomes of our morning’s work, we’ll join farmers Filiberto and Timoteo on the slopes of Volcán Agua where we’ll learn to pick, process, and roast farm fresh coffee.

Day 3—5

After a meandering ride onboard one of Guatemala’s iconic camionetas or “chicken buses”, we’ll arrive in the ladino and indigenous metropolis of Xela. Here, we’ll join revolutionary-turned-reformer Willie at Café La Red Kat for a delicious meal and an insightful chat about the challenges facing small-scale farmers, and the struggle to integrate into a new socio-economic order. After an afternoon of scavenging through Xela’s incredible vegetable markets, we’ll join Escuela La Paz for a highland dinner and an opportunity to make traditional Mayan hot chocolate!

Day 5—7

After a brief journey north-west, we’ll arrive in the community of Santa Anita. This coffee and banana growing community founded by former civil war combatants sees farming differently; the results are not just sellable commodities, but symbols of revolutionary solidarity. So, by staying in family homes, we’ll hear their stories and get to share our own while deepening our understanding of a growing revolution. We’ll also get our hands dirty in compost, pick ripe, red coffee fruit and explore this jungle coffee farm.

We may also collaborate on the continued construction of the community’s new bene cio or mill where their coffee will be washed, depulped, fermented, dried, and sorted. Through these community development initiatives, we’ll get to share brie y in the lives of these campesinos and see the root of our global food system.

Day 7—9

We’ll conclude our adventure at Operation Groundswell’s Guatemala Hub, located on the shores of beautiful Lago Atitlan. Here, we’ll learn from our local partners in San Juan and explore traditional shing practices, medicinal plants, permaculture and natural dyes. We’ll also get to kickback, relax and re ect on our incredible journey. We’ll discuss lessons learned, assess our impact, and prepare for the journey home.

Finally, with our heads and hearts full, we’ll return to Guatemala City where we’ll say a fond farewell!


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