Travel Information

There are a variety of resources to get you started on planning a trip abroad. For Canadian Citizens you can find general information on choosing an experience at the Government of Canada International Site click here for more information.

For information on travel advice for specific countries click here.

Independent Flights/ International Field Studies Flights:

If you, as a student of Niagara College, are planning on organizing your own journey abroad, (Independent Studies) you will have to take care of your own air fare and booking of the flight. This will be your own responsibility. If you are participating in an International Field Study or Trip organized by Niagara College, your ticket and any other necessities will be booked for you by your Study and Work Abroad Coordinator.

Independent Insurance/ International Field Studies Insurance:

Before you head abroad be sure to insure yourself if you have chosen the option of Independent Studies for yourself. You can insure yourself with any kind of health insurance offered to you or for travelers going abroad. But you also have the opportunity of being insured over Niagara College through your student account. Under your online account you can also find more exclusive travel information.