W19 Peru – Open College-Wide

Experience Peru from the perspective of a local! This amazing opportunity will offer you an authentic view on what life in Peru is really like while learning some important values.

Days 1-3-Arrivals & Orientation in Mira Flores

We’ll begin our Peruvian adventure in front of Jorge Chavez International Airport in the big, bustling capital of Lima. We’ll then take our orientation to the posh suburb of Mira Flores where we’ll get settled and acclimatize to the sights, sounds, and smells of the region. We’ll learn the local lingo with Escuela Peruwayna and sample some traditional cuisine with a little cooking lesson!

Next, we’ll grab some bicycles and stretch our legs with a unique alternative tour of Lima’s famous and no-so-famous landmarks. From “El Malecon” to Barranco’s old town, get ready to see Peru’s vibrant capital in a whole new light before journeying downtown to learn about one of the darker times in the country’s history at Museo de la Nacion. If we’re lucky, we’ll celebrate the day with a sunset from the highest point in town.

Day 3-Transforming Tourism in Lurin

On our third day, we will walk the streets of La Gamarra-One of South America’s largest informal markets. It is a hustling and bustling place where textile and clothing are produced and sold, and where independent manufacturers with lower production costs supply big businesses. At La Gamarra, multiple transactions are happening on different levels-people are buying wholesale for their businesses located in greater Lima, retailers are selling directly to consumers, and producers are exporting their products to North America and Europe.

After a little bit of shopping, we’re off again to nearby Lurin to meet with our partners Ichimay Wari.  On the outskirts of Lima, a group of refugees escaping the Shining Path found safe haven and are now developing a unique model of cultural and craft-based tourism. There’s simply no better place to talk about social enterprise and the rise of alternative tourism!

Day 4-Waves of Change in Lima

We then head back to Lima where we’ll connect with Alto Peru, an inspiring organization of youth who are doing things just a little differently! Here on the coast, our friends are harnessing the power of sport to provide opportunities to local Peruvians. They’ll teach us to surf and show us how tourism and community-based development can go hand-in-hand.

Day 5-7 – Juggling Development in Ventanilla

Next stop, Pachacutec! Tourism rarely reaches this far-flung barrio of Ventanilla, but after only a short journey north from Lima, our group will be greeted by the awesome Asociacion Casa Juvenil Pachacutec (ACJP). This incredible group of creative youth express themselves through dance and acrobatics, using their talents to empower and promote positive change in their community. For two days, we’ll camp and collaborate with ACJP, assisting in the delivery of workshops, playing reflective games, and hitting the beach for a bonfire.

Days 7-9-Disorientation in Lunahuana

We will conclude our adventure in the town of Lunahuana. Here on the shores of the Canete River, tourism is a way of life. We’ll get our adrenaline pumpin’ as we white water raft down some class IIIs and IVs. Then we’ll kick back, relax, and reflect on our incredible journey. We will fill our bellies and tell stories, we’ll sip Pisco sours and share lessons learned, we’ll sit under the stars and think about our impact and what we can do to bring it home.







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TRIP DATE 02/23/2019



Lima, Peru


Open to all full-time students

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