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Denmark – Live Like a Local

Denmark is a global leader in sustainability!  Home to the world’s first 100 percent renewable energy powered island, an old industrial plant turned ski hill and thousands of other remarkable sustainable innovations.  Students participating in this experience will have the opportunity to experience Denmark’s world class active & public transport, renewable energy use, sustainable supply chain, socially-minded wellness culture and waste management systems. Find out why Danes consistently rank among the world’s most happy people.




Day 1| Depart for Denmark

Sunday April 19

Sit back and relax as we make our way to Copenhagen Denmark!



Day 2| Copenhagen

Monday April 20

Shake off the jet lag, we just landed in Copenhagen, Denmark! After checking into our accommodations we are free to explore the buzzing capital that mixes royal history and modern architecture with sustainable living and a booming restaurant scene. Stroll through the vibrant Latin Quarter, admire the beautiful Rosenborg Castle and relive the history of Amalienborg Palace.



Day 3| ARC Copenhill

Tuesday April 21

This morning we will visit Copenhagen Municipality and discover how the city plans to be Carbon Emission neutral by 2025 and how sustainability is managed at the municipality level. After a visit to the Hotel Crown Plaza and group lunch we will visit Amager Bakke to explore a re-purposed industrial plant now home to recreation and an artificial ski hill. ARC Copenhill is the most efficient performing European plant in terms of energy efficiency, waste treatment capacity, and environmental consideration, but also in terms of visual rendition and local acceptance. This evening we will travel to Roskilde where we will enjoy dinner and a free evening. 

Day 4| Sustainable Energy Day

Wednesday April 22

Today we learn the key strategies Denmark has implemented to produce  sustainable energy and how to transition waste to energy. Complimenting our lectures will be site visits to ARGO Roskilde where we will get an up close view of recycling technology and later Denmark’s University of Technology to discover the wind energy solutions of the future.

Day 5| Food Waste Management

Thursday April 23

Today we will discuss ecology, sustainable food production and how to create the shortest path from earth to table with Madkulturen. Madkulturen has set up a broadly composed think tank, Madtanken, which has to come up with new answers on how Denmark continues to have a people-based food culture. This afternoon we visit COOP Denmark, the winner of 2018’s Denmark’s Most Sustainable Brand and a key driver of ecology & sustainability.

Day 6|History of Denmark

Friday April 24

Develop your intercultural skills and awareness while learning Danish history from Viking Age to a modern constitutional monarchy and discovering how Denmark stays unique in Europe. This Afternoon we travel to the Land Of Legends,  where 10.000 years of Danish history is brought to life. Houses and settings from the Iron Age, Stone Age, Viking Age and the 19th century, historic workshops and domestic animals, located in the beautiful historic landscape near Roskilde.

Day 7| Sustainable Energy

Saturday April 25


Day 8| ARGO Roskilde

Sunday April 26

Today we visit ARGO Roskilde including a waste dump with recycling as well as learn about the Roskilde Festival’s sustainability strategy.



Day 9|Danish Wellness

Monday April 27

Today we learn about wellness trends, growth and market opportunities as well as wellness tourism in Greenland. We will also visit HORESTA’s Green initiative strategy on supply chain and delivery in reducing carbon footprint.



Day 10| Carlsberg

Tuesday April 28

This morning we commute back to Copenhagen to experience Carlsberg! Established in 1847 by brewer J.C. Jacobsen, J.C. was a true renaissance man. A believer in quality, research and serving the community, he shared his knowledge with fellow brewers. He looked to the future, prizing long-term growth over short-term gain. Over the years, these values have evolved to form Calsberg’s purpose: brewing for a better today and tomorrow.


Day 11| Depart Denmark

Wednesday April 29

Sit back and relax as we make out way back to Toronto.


  • Round-Trip Airfare
  • All Accommodations
  • Travel Insurance
  • Carlsberg Tour
  • Amager Bakke
  • Roskilde
  • Food Waste Management Tours
  • Danish Wellness Tours
  • Sustainable Energy Tours


Second Payment
Third Payment
Fourth Payment
Final Payment





*Price may increase or decrease depending on exchange rates, final vendor quotes and number of participants.

$2199+/- (After $500 Grant )

TRIP DATE 04/19/2020





Open to all Niagara College students and Niagara College Alumni within 6 months of Graduation. Please note that part-time students and alumni are ineligible for the Be World Ready grant.


Payment Options

When making payment through online banking:

  • Set up Niagara College as the payee and use your student number as the account number
  • Once payment is made, you MUST email [email protected] and provide your name, student number, payment amount and indicate that payment is for Be World Ready International Field Study. Please copy Be World Ready, at [email protected] on the email
  • The following business day the payment will be uploaded to your student account and as long as Student Accounts receive an email from you, the IFS charge will be posted accordingly

Other Important Information

All, full-time Niagara College students participating in an international activity are eligible for up to $500 worth of Be World Ready grants to help offset the cost of their experience. In order to qualify for the grant:

  • Apply to an international experience
  • Attend a mandatory pre-departure meeting (dates to be determined)
  • Complete the online pre-departure component (consisting of Blackboard modules and Risk Management forms to sign)
  • Successfully attend the international experience
  • Upon return, submit five high-quality photos and a 100 word minimum well-written testimonial referencing your experience abroad to the Be World Ready team.
  • Apply online
  • Email a copy/photo of your passport to [email protected]
    • Please ensure all text is legible as this is required to book your airline ticket
  • Pay the deposit (spots for this trip are only secured after a deposit payment has be made)

Students registering for and making initial deposit towards an IFS are considered committed for that IFS.

After the initial deposit for each International Field Study (IFS), Niagara College begins making payments to suppliers (airlines, accommodations, and in-country destination management companies) for these IFS’. Therefore, all students who cancel their participation after their initial deposit will be required to pay 100% of the original IFS cost, and no refunds will be issued.

For students who choose to make payments in accordance to the established IFS payment scheduled and miss a payment, the installment will be charged directly to the students’ account and a late fee will be applied to each missed payment.

For Niagara College students requiring an international country visa, you are required to make your payments as per the payment schedule for your respective International Field Study. You cannot defer your payments until after a decision has been made on your country visa. Niagara College’s international travel insurance policy will allow students to make an insurance claim to receive a refund for fees paid towards an International Field Study if your visa is denied.

Travel and Accommodations

Q: Can I bring a friend?

A: You can bring as many friends as you like as long as they are current full-time Niagara College students or within 6 months of graduation from Niagara College and meet the program eligibility requirements.

Q: Can I bring a parent/friend/child from outside the college?

A: No. At this time we are only able to accept current full-time Niagara College students or Niagara College alumni within 6 months of graduation.

Q: What will the rooms be like?

A: Rooms will vary in style on each trip, they are commonly twin-share (2 people to a room, separate beds) in a central location. Single rooms may be available for an additional room fee provided adequate notice is given to Be World Ready staff. We strive to ensure you have comfortable, affordable accommodations anywhere you travel.

Q: Will it be safe?

A: Your safety is the most important aspect of this trip. Be World Ready and Niagara College will take all possible pre-cautions to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable experience while travelling abroad.

Q: Can I book my own flight?

A: No. The round-trip flights are part of the pricing package and the group is to travel to and from the destination country together. These are our Niagara College International Field Study policies and we cannot deviate from them, as they are part of our risk mitigation and management.

Q: Can I have a one way ticket?

A: No. The round-trip flights are part of the pricing package and the group is to travel to and from the destination country together. These are our Niagara College International Field Study policies and we cannot deviate from them, as they are part of our risk mitigation and management.

Q: Can I change my flight Itinerary?

A: No. We will not be able to accommodate a return flight that is different from the group. The round-trip flights are part of the pricing package and the group is to travel to and from the destination country together. These are our Niagara College International Field Study policies and we cannot deviate from them, as they are part of our risk mitigation and management.

Q: I require a travel visa for the trip I registered for. Can Be World Ready get the visa for me?

A: We cannot get your visa for you, however, we will provide you with all the information that we can and guide you through the process of obtaining all the necessary visas for travel.

Q: I have a NEXUS card, do I still need a passport to travel to the USA with Be World Ready?
A: Yes. All Be World Ready Participants must have a valid passport.

Be World Ready Grant

Q: What is the Be World Ready Grant?

A: The Be World Ready grant is a pre-determined sum of money that is granted to each qualifying student who is travelling on an approved educational trip to offset the cost of their learning experience. Up to $400 of grant money will be ADVANCED and posted to the students’ account which will then be transferred to the International Field Study account as payment. The remaining grant money, up to $100, will be AWARDED at the completion of your trip provided student has met all grant requirements.

Q: How will I know how much the grant will be for the field study I am on?

A: The value of the Be World Ready grant will included in the welcome email you receive after registering for the trip.

Q: What must I do to receive the grant?

A: You must complete the online modules, pre-departure waivers and attend an in person training session to receive the grant.

Q: How will I know if I received the grant advance?

A: The majority of the value of the grant will be deducted from your final payment and then posted to your student account as a payment towards your field study.

Q: How do I receive the remaining 20% of the grant?

A: You must provide a well written, 100 word, testimonial of how your experience on the trip impacted you. You must also submit 2 jpeg photographs that showcase your destination and yourself in destination.

Q: I have been on an International Field Study before and received the Be World Ready grant. Do I need to complete the online training and waivers again?

A: Yes, you must complete the online training and fill in the waivers again to receive the grant.

*Note: if we will be flying through the United States of America, you must have permission to enter and leave the United States. If you require a U.S travel visa it is your responsibility to obtain this document and email [email protected] a copy/photo.

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