Cannes Film Festival – The American Pavillion

The Cannes Film Festival is the backdrop for The American Pavilion’s largest and longest running student program. The 15-day program immerses participants in the workings of the film world. All participants are paired with film industry or faculty mentors who help guide and shape their Cannes experience. Festival credentials and an in-house ticketing system make it possible for students to procure hard-to-get tickets to Festival and Market screenings. The American Pavilion offers “the only student program officially recognized and sanctioned by the Festival de Cannes and the Marché du Film.”


The Cannes Film Festival offers several different work programs, beginning May 14th to May 29th, 2017 including:

  • Film & Business:
    Students work 4-6 hours a day, with 2 days off, either on teams helping run Pavilion operations (Tech Team, Videography Team, Bar & Restaurant Team, Publicity Team, Programming Team, Membership Team, etc.), or for companies outside the Pavilion doing business at the Festival – 
  • Insider’s Cannes (Film criticism & appreciation):
    Students come for the second week of the festival, and under the guidance of a film critic or scholar, spend the last 5 days of the Festival simply attending screenings.  (This is the only Cannes Film Festival program with no work component,) – 
  • Hospitality & Event Management:
    Students help run front-of-house operations, including staffing the bar, restaurant, coffee bar, red carpet terrace, and help execute special events such as cocktail parties, press gatherings, or nighttime events. – 
  • Culinary:
    Students work longer hours in this program, executing a pop-up kitchen on the beach which serves hundreds of meals daily.  Students in this program also visit local markets, wineries, and restaurants.  Under Chef Trevor’s leadership, we are exploring ways to make the experience even richer for all participants. – 

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