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Student reflections on spring Be World Ready trips to India and Germany

The spring season is synonymous with growth, and the 2019 BWR Spring IFS trips were no exception as the College offered three unique international experiential learning adventures this past April.

India: Health and Wellness, Nursing, Dental and Paramedic Program – April 20 to May 2

Twenty NC students engaged in meaningful, applied service learning work in the healthcare sector in Chandigarh, India.  Students participated in professional shadowing at a hospital in Chandigarh and visited both public and private hospitals in India to gain a perspective of their healthcare practices and services.

“This trip taught me about interacting respectfully and mindfully with people from different cultures. India is, in general, much more conservative of a culture than here in Canada, so learning how to dress, speak, and act appropriately for their culture has prepared me for interactions with people from other cultures as well. I feel as though I am more “work-ready” because I was able to successfully work alongside professionals from many disciplines, thus preparing me for my future as a dental hygienist where I will be engaging in inter-professional communications daily.”- Alma Fuentes, third-year Dental Hygiene student.

“Abroad I have gained a greater understanding of the healthcare operations in a vastly different country. These experiences will continue with me throughout the rest of my career. I had the opportunity to see both private- and public-operated hospitals as well as village conditions. This trip also immersed us in another culture, teaching us transitions, norms, and healthcare protocols. It has widened my global perspective in ways that would not be possible if I had gone on my own.” – Stephen Modafferi, second-year Paramedic student.

“I participated in the last BWR nursing and dental trip, and gained not only an amazing perspective on nursing in another country but also on the culture and day-to-day living in a country completely different from Canada. I chose to participate again because it was a life-changing experience and an opportunity to make global connections. I truly hope many others take the step out of their comfort zone and experience the world in relation to their program of study and make the connections as I have. BWR has provided me with memories and skills that may seem like a dream to some but BWR makes it possible to become a reality.” – Nicole Ostronic, second-year Practical Nursing student.

Prost auf Deutschland: Brewmaster & Brewery Operations Management – April 21 to April 29

Geared for those in NC’s Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management programs, 42 students gained a holistic view of the brewing industry in Germany while touring some of the most iconic and historic breweries in the country. Thanks to NC’s Brewmaster program connections, students had backstage access to breweries and cellars many would never have otherwise seen.

“It has given me an idea of the scale in which other breweries around the world are operating. What is considered small in Germany could be referred to as massive in Canada; the techniques they use to brew can be applied to smaller systems which is something that could benefit me at home. We visited not only breweries but packaging line manufacturers, maltsters, and hop producers so it was a really well balanced trip of leisure but also education and networking.” – Marc Ascenzo, second-year Brewmaster student.

“My time in Germany gave me unique experiences and helped me to broaden my understanding of brewing and German culture. Being able to visit some of the world’s oldest breweries was an eye-opener for me and helped to put into context Bavarian brewing techniques and traditions. Being exposed to another countries customs and traditions was also interesting, things such as their public transit systems, infrastructure, and dedication to environmental sustainability were amazing to see. Bringing these experiences home to Canada I believe will help me as a brewer and also in general as a Canadian citizen.”  – Allen Vary, second-year Brewmaster student.

Bremen, Germany: Global Education – April 21 to May 1

Building on the success of NC’s inbound exchange with one of the College’s longest standing international academic partners, Hochschule Bremen, the two academic institutions partnered to deliver an accelerated Global Education course to 20 NC students in Bremen, Germany, as part of a BWR IFS trip.

“Prior to going on this trip I knew none of the NC students, and the goal was to establish a lasting relationship with my German counterparts and not necessary to focus my time building relationships with NC students. The latter, however, happened. Representing NC, we were very much a diverse group, from different countries, cultures, religion and speaking different languages. But we found commonalities in our differences and bonded over food, our love-hate relationship with group work, our unique accents, and loveable and over-protective parents. I was able to create a bond with a group of individuals that I, if not for this trip, would not have otherwise. And whilst my initial goal was not fully realized, I do believe that what I gained was equally valuable.”- Tenesia Benjamin, first-year Human Resource Management student.

“I had never visited north-western Germany, nor had the experience of studying at a foreign institution even for a short amount of time. The opportunity to study with German students, particularly after working with two on exchange during the fall term, was an appealing prospect.” – Jasper Zawadzki, first-year International Commerce and Development student.

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