Be World Ready Terms & Conditions

Before submitting your application and providing any applicable full non-refundable deposit, please ensure you review the below terms and conditions of sale in full. Finalizing your registration for your opportunity of choice, arranged by the Be World Ready team at Niagara College Canada constitutes a binding agreement and your acknowledgement to the terms and conditions below.

Note: Niagara College Canada does not own, manage, or have any control or influence over the product or quality of services received at any time during your time abroad, including but not limited to airports, transportation services including ground and aviation, accommodation providers and hoteliers, food services/suppliers, or attractions or historical sites.

1. Qualifications for Participation and Purchase

Participation on an international field study, or any active opportunity within the Be World Ready program is only available for full-time students who are actively studying at Niagara College Canada. Students who have graduated, or any friends or family members of actively studying students will not qualify for participation with any opportunities offered through the Be World Ready program at Niagara College Canada. All students applying to participate in an opportunity with the Be World Ready program at Niagara College Canada must be in good academic standing, with a GPA of 65% or higher at both time of application and time of travel to qualify. Be World Ready reserves the right to remove any student from an opportunity at any time with no compensation if they are on notice, have any negative service indicators on their student account, or are removed from their program due to academic misconduct.

Niagara College Canada staff and students participating in any opportunity abroad offered through the Be World Ready program must meet the vaccination requirements to depart and re-enter Canada per the stipulations and vaccine types accepted as outlined by the Public Health Agency of Canada and meet the vaccination entry requirements of the respective destination country, and transit country, if applicable. Considerations for what qualifies as fully vaccinated per regional or provincial guidelines will not be accepted. Niagara College and Be World Ready may request to review any traveller proof of vaccination at any time, if necessary for travel logistics confirmations. If the traveller is unable to provide adequate proof of vaccination, Niagara College and Be World Ready reserve the right to remove the participant from the opportunity with no reimbursement of funds paid. It is the traveller’s responsibility to ensure that they are fully vaccinated with an acceptable vaccine type and able to provide legitimate proof, in English or French, at any time.

Availability of opportunities offered through the Be World Ready program are limited and will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Seats are not confirmed as officially reserved until both a formal registration and a full non-refundable deposit in the value communicated on the Be World Ready website for the opportunity have been confirmed as received by Niagara College staff before any/all deadlines communicated.

It is the traveller’s full responsibility to be aware of their ability to participate in relation to crossing any land or international borders concerning any past criminal activity or records. Be World Ready and Niagara College assume no liability or responsibility concerning one’s ability to travel or to providing information on one’s ability to travel with relation to a criminal record. It is the traveller’s discretion should they wish to disclose any information to Be World Ready or Niagara College Canada staff.

2. Third Party Liability

By completing the registration form to participate and secure a seat on a Be World Ready opportunity, you consent to our sharing your personal information with third parties (e.g., airlines, destination management companies, tour and transportation providers/operators, accommodation providers, government agencies, service providers, partner institutes, and between Niagara College Canada and select beneficiaries), as applicable to deliver the services you purchased and registered for.

3. COVID-19 Risk and Exposure

Traveller acknowledges the risks related to the spread of infectious or contagious diseases and that it is their responsibility to take the necessary precautions applicable to any health hazards, including but not limited to COVID-19. Niagara College Canada assumes no liability for any risks related to the exposure of any infectious or contagious diseases encountered during travel. Travellers are required to respect and adhere to all safety protocols in place to aid in the protection of infectious diseases to not only themselves, but fellow passengers, Niagara College Canada travel participants, and all airport and airline staff.

4. Travel Requirements

Traveller acknowledges that there may be a limitation of services available due to the priority of health and safety protocols in place.

It is the sole responsibility of the traveller to ensure that they have collected all necessary and valid documentation for the purpose of outbound travel, entry to applicable destination(s) and re-entry to Canada. Be World Ready team members will do their best to ensure all travellers are aware of any travel requirements, however the responsibility is still that of the traveller to ensure they are prepared and qualify for travel per their nationality and circumstance. The documentation required to enter any international destination and re-enter Canada will differ per nationality. It is possible for entry to another country to be refused even if the required information to enter has been provided, as permitted entry is at the discretion of a border agent. Required travel documentation for student travellers may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Valid passport, expiring no less than 6 months beyond your expected date of return or initial entry to Canada
  • Valid Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (TR)/eTA, if applicable
  • Valid visa to enter destination(s), if applicable
  • Valid Letter of Acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution with a COVID-19 readiness plan as approved by its province or territory, confirmation of payment receipt issued by Niagara College and timetable (if applicable)
  • Proof of vaccination, as accepted or required by the Public Health Agency of Canada and destination country
  • Full completion of the ArriveCAN application prior to return to Canada

Any third-party vendors hired to carry out the services purchased, including Be World Ready, may request to view proof of vaccination at any time.

Travellers who have recently recovered from COVID-19 may be guided by a separate set of guidelines for travel. It is the responsibility of the traveller to be aware and understand these protocols. Travellers will also be expected to comply with any testing requirements for any transit or destination countries as well as for re-entry to Canada as outlined by the Government of Canada or Public Health Agency of Canada.

Travel restrictions and requirements for entry to Canada may change at any time. Travellers are responsible to ensure they remain up to date with the current restrictions and requirements in place at time of travel. Niagara College Canada will assume no responsibility for any changes to governing body travel restrictions, required documentation for travel or any refused entry as a result of change. Travellers are encouraged to review for the latest restrictions and requirements for entry to Canada, as well as to check entry requirements to destinations all over the world as a Canadian citizen. For students without Canadian citizenship, please consult the IATA TravelCentre for additional information on entry requirements per the nationality of their passport and citizenship.

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, Niagara College may be required to modify and implement new health and safety preventative measures to ensure the health and safety of all international travellers. This may result in new obligatory measures being implemented with little notice. Be World Ready will endeavor to provide timely updates as it impacts our program participants.

5. Be World Ready Grants, Scholarships, & Funding

All active, full-time Niagara College Canada students participating in an outbound mobility opportunity (semester exchange, work abroad, summer institute, or international field study) with Be World Ready may qualify and apply to receive grant funding towards the overall value of their chosen opportunity. All grant funding requirements, stipulations, values, and opportunities for earning will be clearly communicated via email or pre-departure modules in advance of the departure of any mobility opportunity. Students will be expected to adhere to all timelines/deadlines communicated, as well as complete all requirements in full should they wish to apply, qualify and/or receive any funding. The value of the grant varies, depending on the selected opportunity and qualifications of the student.

At times, grant funding may be advanced to students to reduce the upfront cost of their opportunity. In this circumstance, students who do not complete all requirements per the instructions and timelines provided will be disqualified from receiving any grant funding. In the event of disqualification, students will have the grant value billed to their student account and will be expected to pay the balance owing. Students who do not pay the balance by the due date indicated may incur negative implications such as late fee charges, or inability to select an upcoming timetable or graduate until the balance owing is settled.

When grant funding is not advanced to reduce the upfront cost of a mobility opportunity, those who successfully qualify and complete all requirements will have the applicable grant placed on their student account in the form of a refund.

No exceptions will be made if a student does not complete all outlined requirements or submissions by the indicated deadline, and they will be disqualified or have their funding revoked.

6. Payment Schedule, Cancellation Policy, and Fees

Students registering for and making initial deposit towards an international field study, or any active opportunity with Be World Ready are considered committed for that opportunity. Once registered for an opportunity, students will be agreeing to and accepting any established payment plan. For students who choose to make payments in accordance with the established payment schedule, please refer to the schedule as outlined within the posted field study on the Be World Ready website. Alternate payment plans will not be accepted without having been approved by the Be World Ready team in writing, with advance notice.

After the initial deposit for any international field study (IFS), Niagara College begins making payments to suppliers (airlines, accommodations, and in-country destination management companies) for these IFS’. Therefore, all students who cancel their participation after their initial deposit will be required to pay 100% of the original IFS cost, and no refunds will be issued.

For Niagara College students requiring an international country visa participation in any outbound opportunity, you are required to make your payments as per the payment schedule for your respective international field study or other opportunity. You cannot defer your payments until after a decision has been made on your country visa. Niagara College’s international travel insurance policy may allow students to make an insurance claim to receive a refund for fees paid towards an International Field Study if your visa is denied.

Should you make the decision to cancel your spot/active participation in any opportunity offered with Be World Ready for any reason, it is imperative that the Be World Ready team is notified of your choice to withdraw from any IFS as soon as possible. A missed payment is not considered a notification of no longer wishing to participate in an IFS an email must be sent from your Niagara College student email address to [email protected] expressing your desire to withdrawal.

The full value of any international field study or outbound opportunity with Be World Ready is 100% non-refundable, non-exchangeable or non-transferrable for any reason. If the traveller opts to cancel their chosen experience abroad, they are not able to retain the value paid as a credit for future travel towards any other Be World Ready opportunity or any services offered at Niagara College Canada. The amount paid will be automatically forfeited if the traveller cancels their experience for any reason. Student travellers are strongly encouraged to explore any possible valid claims to recover non-refundable funds via the travel insurance policy purchased on their behalf with guard.Me by Be World Ready and Niagara College Canada.

If the traveller is denied entry to their destination country or re-entry to Canada, for any reason, including but not limited to insufficient documentation, positive PCR test results or an expired test, the traveller will assume all additional costs associated with rescheduling travel arrangements and not hold Be World Ready, Niagara College Canada, or any vendor/third party supplier responsible.

While COVID-19 continues to be declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, and travel restrictions or quarantine requirements remain in place anywhere globally, all Be World Ready participants will have a mandatory quarantine rider insurance policy issued along with their travel insurance. This quarantine rider will help offset any costs associated with mandatory quarantine upon arrival or delayed departure due to COVID-19 infections.

7. Student Code of Conduct & Misconduct Abroad

All students participating in any activity or opportunity arranged by Be World Ready and Niagara College Canada will be held to the student code of conduct observed by the institution. Students are a representative of their educational institution and are expected to act as professional and responsible adults. Any behaviour that constitutes harassment, bullying, verbal or physical sexual assault or damages property will not be tolerated and will be reported immediately. Alcohol abuse or possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs in accordance with the laws of the host country will not be tolerated and will impact student records.

Students who violate the laws, rules and regulations of the airline, partner institute, any vendor/third party supplier, or customs of the host country will be reported to respective local authorities, including but not limited to Canadian Border Services Agents, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, federal authorities and may face revocation from their program.

Additional details regarding the student code of conduct can be reviewed below:

If a student is required to be removed from their outbound opportunity due to any reason outlined above, the student will be responsible for 100% of any/all costs incurred or forfeited. Such costs can include but are not limited to expenses to return to Canada before the scheduled end of the opportunity, remaining hotel nights or pre-paid meals/activities, forfeiture of any awarded Be World Ready grant, damages to property and possessions or legal fees.

8. Pricing Information, Inclusions & Exclusions

All prices advertised to reserve participation on any active opportunity as organized by Be World Ready at Niagara College Canada are in Canadian Dollars and are per person. Price is inclusive of taxes, meals, entrance fees, accommodations, insurance, and transportation as outlined within the field study itinerary posted on or as communicated in email by Be World Ready staff at Niagara College Canada.

Any additional items not included in the opportunity, such as some meals and beverage service, additional transportation or entrance fees to attractions visited during scheduled free time, excessive baggage as defined by the airline policy for any scheduled flight or items of a personal nature and premium seat selection (bulkhead and exit rows) are not reflected in the cost as advertised and will be an additional cost to the traveller.

Be World Ready and Niagara College Canada will do their best to accommodate and communicate all preferences as indicated by the traveller in the registration form but cannot guarantee that all preferences will be met by either Be World Ready, Niagara College Canada or any partner, supplier, or additional third-party vendors.

9. Changes to Your Travel Plans & Expectations

Be World Ready and Niagara College Canada are not responsible or liable for any delays or cancellations that are a result of inclement weather, an act of God, extension of travel restrictions implemented by the governing bodies of the departure or arrival countries, mechanical difficulties or scheduling conflicts incurred at departure or arrival airports. Flight times are subject to change without notice.

If adjustments of any kind are required to the communicated or established activities contained within the daily itinerary of the international field study in question, Be World Ready will do their best to find an equal valued activity to replace the disrupted plans where possible.

Travellers must be mindful, understanding and adjust their expectations of accommodations, levels of service, and amenities in accordance with the country that they are visiting. Be World Ready and Niagara College Canada visit many countries considered part of the global south, as well as additional destinations that may have varied living standards and practices compared to North America and travellers are expected to be understanding of the amenities available to them based on the destination they are visiting. Available amenities such as utilities, services and accommodation may differ from those found in Canada. Culture shock may happen, and if any travellers require support or assistance to cope with the culture shock, they are experiencing it is their responsibility to seek support from staff and faculty leads, insurance, or Be World Ready staff members. Travellers who wish to end their experience early and return to Canada may do so at their own cost. There will be no refunds or reimbursements for any activities or services not utilized due to returning to Canada early. Students returning home early from a trip, at their own request, may still qualify for the Be World Ready grant under specific circumstances, but must complete all requirements by the established deadlines.

10. Medical Conditions

It is the student’s responsibility and discretion to disclose any medical condition or severe allergies that may impact their ability to travel or the requirement of services and assistance onboard the aircraft or throughout their experience abroad.

Any passenger who is travelling with a medical assistance device, such as a CPAP machine, must disclose information regarding the device and the intent to carry it onboard the aircraft at time of registration so that it can be properly reported to the necessary authorities. Additional information on permitted medical devices and restricted items can be shared by Be World Ready staff upon request. Be World Ready and Niagara College Canada cannot guarantee the ability to carry any devices onboard or authorize their use on the aircraft.

All prescription medication should be kept in its original packaging with labels and stowed away in the passenger’s carry-on luggage. Do not travel with prescription medication in your checked luggage.

Travellers are responsible to be aware and adhere to any legal allowability of all medications they are travelling with related to their transit and destination countries laws. As an example, while the use and possession of cannabis is legal in Canada, if you are choosing to travel with prescribed cannabis, it is your sole responsibility to understand requirements, laws, restrictions, and consequences of doing so to your Be World Ready travel destination, or transit countries. Niagara College Canada, cannot intervene nor support students who unknowingly or knowingly disregard the rule of law in other countries.

Be World Ready and Niagara College Canada will do their best to accommodate all medical conditions and allergies as communicated by students but cannot guarantee the services rendered or received by any third-party vendor hired to carry out the services purchased.

It is the traveller’s responsibility to gauge their physical ability to participate in any Be World Ready international field study. Be World Ready opportunities may involve significant walking, hiking, or water-based activities. It is the student’s responsibility to disclose any medical conditions that would impact their ability to participate.

11. Liability of Injury, Damages or Baggage loss

Be World Ready and Niagara College Canada assume no liability or responsibility for any physical injury, damages, or loss to any personal effects. Individuals are ultimately responsible to monitor their own personal items and not engage in activities likely to endanger themselves or others.

Be World Ready and Niagara College Canada are released from any responsibility or liability where personal injury is incurred at the result of negligence or misconduct by any fellow students, passengers, local citizens, airline crew/staff or any vendors hired for the purpose of carrying out the services purchased.

12. Disclaimers

Be World Ready is a not-for-profit program offered by Niagara College Canada, whose mission is to prepare the students of Niagara College for global success through education, exchange, and international experience. Be World Ready offers Niagara College students the ability to experience culturally diverse learning environments, gain new perspectives and connect practical skills with a global mindset. Be World Ready assists in offsetting the cost of international experiences using grants and scholarships, further reducing financial barriers, and assisting students to access learning opportunities abroad. Financial assistance offered by Be World Ready for the purpose of experiencing education abroad is available exclusively to current full-time Niagara College students who qualify to participate in our mobility opportunities on the condition that they complete the educational outcomes, defined as grant requirements, in the manner and timeframe which they were presented. As all outbound mobility opportunities qualify for financial assistance via the Be World Ready program, Niagara College pays all vendors, educational partners, and third-party operators on behalf of students. The student cost, which is the remaining cost of the experience after all applicable grants and scholarships have been applied, is paid to their student account, along with other tuition fees. If the grant requirements are not completed in full, per the instructions, or to the expectations outlined in the agreement, the value of the grant/scholarships (up to a $2500 value per person) will be billed to the student account for failure of completion.

Services rendered by Be World Ready are only available to staff, faculty, and students of Niagara College Canada that are defined as educational experiences with cultural awareness and global skillset enhancement. Any other services are not available.