Earn a General Education or Liberal Arts Elective

Students participating in an approved International Field Study, outside of North America, are now able to use their International Field Study to earn a General Education Elective – 3 Credits (Diploma level), or a Liberal Arts Elective – 3 Credits (Degree Level). This course is delivered as an independent study and has requirements and assessments like any other course that must be completed. For a full list of requirements and assessments, please review the full course outline. Simply participating in the IFS does not satisfy the course requirements.

You are encouraged to review the full course outlines before application to understand your responsibilities and requirements. The application process is also outlined below.

General Elective – The Global Classroom (SOCL 1127)

This independent study course is designed to provide you with an experiential learning opportunity to pursue international field research in a foreign country. You will experience the distinctive culture of the destination country and analyze the unique relationship between its language and culture. Through observation and reflection, you will also discover the impact globalization is having on the country. By utilizing a variety of intercultural communication techniques and strategies, you will enhance your integration into the destination country and build your own level of intercultural competence.

SOCL 1127 course outline is available online.

Liberal Elective – International Field Study (IDPL 9101)

This independent study course is designed to provide you with an experiential learning opportunity to pursue international field research in a foreign country. You will examine the factors that shape the distinctive culture of the country and evaluate how they impact it’s development. You will analyze the unique relationship between the language and culture of the country. Through analysis and reflection, you will evaluate the impact exposure to other cultures has had or is having on the destination country’s traditional culture.

IDPL 9101 course outline is available online.

SOCL 1127 or IDPL 9101 Application Process

  1. Complete registration and payment deposit for your selected IFS by the stated deadlines
  2. Once your participation and the IFS is confirmed you will receive an email from the respective associate dean from your campus (or their administrative assistants) with instructions to meet for a mandatory course orientation – you must attend this orientation. This may be delivered virtually or in person. Invitations will be sent to your NC student email address directly.
  3. After attending the orientation session with faculty and agreeing that you understand all requirements for this course, you will complete a course enrollment form at the end of this orientation
  4. The associate dean will share this form with enrollment services to enroll you in the respective course
  5. You must complete all course requirements in the defined timeline provided by the professor to receive course credit
Should you have any questions or concerns about this information, please reach out to your Study & Work Abroad Advisor.

Please note: This course is mandatory for those attending an International Field Study. Similar to other college courses, it involves assignments and activities, some of which you will need to do while you’re away so that you have all the information you need to complete the assignments when you return. Prior to your departure, ensure that you review all information found on the Blackboard course and that you are aware of your academic obligations to successfully complete this course before, during, and after your travels. There are no additional fees associated with being enrolled in this course.

Please be aware that the rules of a regular course (in terms of dropping a course, course work, and due dates) will apply. Students who do not successfully complete the course risk not meeting the grant requirements, which could result in being charged back the full value of the grant (up to $2500, depending on the IFS). Please review the Grant Requirements section of the IFS webpage.

The Be World Ready team is not responsible for grading your course-work, nor ensuring you meet all requirements as this will be under the School of Academic and Liberal Studies. This course is to be treated the same as any other course taken for the completion of your program. If you have an issue with the completion of your course work, you will need to reach out to the Associate Dean of the academic area.

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