Earn a General Education or Liberal Arts Elective

Some international experiences are credited with an elective.  The electives are:

General Education 3 credit elective (Diploma Level) Course: SOCL 1127
Liberal Arts 3 credit elective (Degree Level) Course: IDPL 9101

To see if you qualify for the General Education Elective or the Liberal Arts Elective, contact the Study Work Abroad Team by email at [email protected]

Steps to Obtain Elective

In order to gain a Niagara College three (3) credit General Education Elective or Liberal Arts Elective for your International Field Experience, you must complete the following academic requirements and deadlines

1) Pre-departure activities to include but are not limited to:

  • Orientation session with academic coordinator to explain the academic requirements of the course.
  • Pre-departure research and study about the country to be visited.
  • Set-up and design a web site e-portfolio to upload all project materials before the trip.

2) During the trip activities to include but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining a daily diary (blog).
  • Two Journal entries during the trip.
  • A cultural interview to be conducted with someone in the foreign country.

3) Post-arrival to Canada activities to include but are not limited to:

  • Write a reflective written report.
  • Complete your website e-portfolio with photos, video and documentation.


Pre-departure research and web design preparation.

  • Two Journal entries during travel – 10% each (total 20%)
  • Cultural Interview during travel – 20%
  • Diary (blog) entries during travel
  • Reflective Written Report after return – 25%
  • Website e-portfolio completion after return – 35%
    Total 100%
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