Gender Inclusive Rooming Arrangement Form

  • Diversity is an important part of the cultural landscape at Niagara College, and Be World Ready (BWR) considers gender diversity to be an important aspect of this. BWR believes that students have a right to stay in a rooming arrangement that is inclusive and respectful of their gender identity. In the interest of creating an equitable and inclusive community, BWR offers mixed-gender rooming sharing options for our International Field Studies participants. Mixed-gender rooming is optional for students, dependent on availability, and is offered to all students including cisgender, transgender, and non-binary students. Students have the option to select a same-gender rooming arrangement or a mixed-gender rooming arrangement. Students also have the option to request a specific roommate; however, roommate requests are not guaranteed and are subject to room occupancy requirements and availability. By selecting your rooming arrangement preference, you acknowledge that you agree to be matched with a roommate of the identified gender, selected by BWR. You also acknowledge that you understand that mixed-gender rooming selections are not guaranteed. Please select your rooming preference below:
  • * If you selected mixed-gender rooming, please identify which gender your roommate should be