Partnership creates a world of opportunity for NC students

Students and graduates of NC’s hospitality programs will have the opportunity to gain valuable international experience thanks to a partnership that will see NC become the first Canadian school affiliated with Hospitality Connections (HOSCO), a global hospitality network.

The Geneva, Switzerland-based HOSCO brings together more than 600 companies with 8,000 students from the 45 top-ranked hotel schools in the world.

“Enhancing the international practical-learning experiences for our students is a key strategic priority for us, and this partnership creates a world of opportunity for our hospitality students,” said Jon Ogryzlo, dean of International Partnerships. “It’s also a recognition of the high standards we employ in our hospitality programs, which are producing graduates with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in any setting.”

Through the HOSCO partnership, NC students and graduates can create online profiles and apply for three types of job opportunities, including internships that range from three to 12 months; entry-level positions that require less than two years of experience; and graduate jobs that require more than two years of experience.

“Our students have told us that they are interested in working globally, and this partnership will help them connect with some of the top employers worldwide,” said Kristine Dawson, manager of Co-op and Graduate Employment Services. “We’re very pleased to be the first Canadian school to provide this exciting global networking resource for our students.”

As HOSCO aims to expand into the Americas, it is seeking schools with respected hospitality and tourism programs to build its network.

“With a proven strong reputation in the industry, Niagara College was a priority for our organization, and we are very pleased to start welcoming its students and graduates on board of HOSCO,” said Olivier Bracard, HOSCO managing partner.

NC provides international learning opportunities to students in a wide range of program areas, and promotes the value of international learning experience through programs such as Be World Ready, where students to gain intercultural skills and citizenship values at home and abroad, helping them to be work ready and world ready.

“Students and recent graduates who work internationally are able to broaden their cultural understandings, develop new language skills and gain new perspectives on the world,” said Ogryzlo. “These are all things that will give them a great advantage as they set out to succeed in today’s world.”

Students can access the HOSCO site by clicking here.