Can I receive credit for my study/work abroad experience?

Students enrolled in a work/study abroad experience may have the opportunity to receive a General Education elective credit. If you are interested in obtaining a General Education elective credit, please contact us at djewer@niagaracollege.ca prior to your departure for steps to follow.

Are the dates of departure/return confirmed?

Dates are subject to change depending on acquiring the most cost effective travel. Every effort will be made to firm up these dates as early as possible.

Are there any international scholarships I can apply for?

You can access up to $500 with Niagara College’s Be World Ready Travel Grant. For other scholarships and more information click here.

What is the overall cost for the International Field Studies course?

International Field Study courses cost in the range of $1500- $3500 depending on location.

What does the cost for an International Field Study include?

This cost will include flight, medical insurance, in country transportation, and day trips. Meals and accommodation for majority of destinations are provided. However, check services included section of posting to confirm. The cost does not include personal spending money you may need.

What about other study/work abroad trips?

Other trips will have different price ranges depending on various factors such as flights, meals, accommodations etc. To help plan your trip abroad get in contact with us at djewer@niagaracollege.ca 

Do I need a Passport?

Participants must hold a passport valid for six months post-departure date. Do I need a visa? If a visa is needed, Niagara College will support the applicants to obtain a visa.

Do I need any vaccinations?

Participants should visit a Travel Health Clinic to assess what vaccinations are needed (if any) for their country destination. Participants cover the cost of all vaccinations.

Where will I stay during my time abroad?

Each study/work abroad destination has different accommodation providers which may include a combination of dorm-style rooms, home-stays, hotels or hostels. Private accommodation is not guaranteed.