General FAQ

The Be World Ready program at Niagara College prepares you for global success through education, exchange, and international experience. This program offers you the opportunity to experience culturally diverse learning environments, understand different perspectives and connect practical skills with a global mindset to help you launch your career.

Your time abroad with Be World Ready can be documented as an extra-curricular activity and creates excellent speaking opportunities to demonstrate your skills learned in a prospective job interview! Students will be able to submit their experience abroad to their Co-Curricular Record to receive official recognition for their involvement with Be World Ready. Upon returning to Canada, students can expect to receive guidance from a Career Services team member, ensuring that your experience abroad can be reflected on your resume and in interviews in the most effective way possible.

Be World Ready encourages students to participate in ‘world-ready’ learning opportunities that focus on our four key pillars: In the Classroom, On Campus, In the Community and Around the World. While our experiences have a strong focus on international travel and getting out of our comfort zones, we begin our journey to becoming a global citizen in our own backyard.

Follow our social media channels and monitor our website for opportunities to become involved on campus, in the community and around the world!

Yes! Participants may have the opportunity to earn their general elective credit. However, not all international field studies qualify to earn a general elective credit. Be World Ready staff will confirm which opportunities qualify to earn a credit. Qualifying participants will be required to submit a request to enroll for the general elective credit and complete the required course work while abroad to successfully earn the credit.

Absolutely! We encourage all our students to share great pictures of their time abroad on social media. Check us out!

Instagram & Facebook: @beworldready

Popular hashtags: #beworldready, #myncstory, #applieddreamsabroad

All participants are required to hold a passport that is valid for a minimum of 6 months beyond any expected date of return to participate in any opportunity involving outbound travel. If a visa is required for travel, Be World Ready staff will notify applicable participants and provide the necessary information and guide participants through the application process. We cannot apply for a visa on behalf of any participant.
Yes, while it is great to have a Nexus card, all participants must hold a passport that is valid for a minimum of 6 months beyond any expected date of return in order to participate in any opportunity outside of Canada.

Participants are encouraged to speak with their doctor or visit a local travel health clinic to assess which vaccinations (if any) are required for their intended destination.

*In accordance with the Government of Canada, all participants are required to be considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with a Public Health Agency of Canada approved vaccine series. Valid proof of vaccination will be required to depart and re-enter Canada. Additional details regarding acceptable vaccinations and proof can be reviewed by clicking here.

If requested, participants must present Be World Ready staff with proof of vaccination at time of request to be permitted to participate on an international field study. Be World Ready must be presented.

Be World Ready takes the safety of our staff and students very seriously and has a rigorous risk management assessment when creating all opportunities. Be World Ready staff monitor destination country risk levels as communicated by the Government of Canada. Your safety is the most important aspect of this trip. Be World Ready and Niagara College take all possible pre-cautions to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable experience while travelling abroad.

International Field Studies FAQ

An international field study is a self-funded 7 – 10 experience that incorporates both vocational and cultural elements, while visiting some of the world’s most famous sights! Many of our international field studies are customized for specific Schools and programs at Niagara College, allowing students to apply the skills learned in the classroom in a real-world setting. All international field studies depart during the Niagara College break weeks to ensure that students do not miss any classes.
All international field studies will include roundtrip airfare (where applicable), accommodations, travel insurance, entrance fees as outlined in the itinerary, and some meals. A detailed list of inclusions will be viewable with the posted international field study on our website. Participants can expect to purchase some meals on their own and will need to bring spending money for any souvenirs, extra excursions, incidentals or items of a personal nature.

No. All aspects noted as included in the overall cost of the selected international field study are mandatory with no exceptions made. Our international field studies are built using group pricing and it is important that we do not deviate from the inclusions as it could negatively impact our ability to offer fair pricing to all participants.

In addition to affecting group pricing, these are our Niagara College International Field Study policies, and we cannot deviate from them, as they are part of our risk mitigation and management.

No. Students are not able to book their own flight in any way or alter the flights confirmed by Be World Ready. The round-trip flights as confirmed by Be World Ready are part of the package pricing, and the group is to travel to and from the destination country together.

These are our Niagara College International Field Study policies, and we cannot deviate from them, as they are part of our risk mitigation and management.

Each international field study destination has different accommodation providers or themes. Accommodation types that are used may include a combination of dorm-style rooms, homestays, tourist class hotels, or occasionally hostels. We strive to ensure we use centrally located accommodation when in city centres, allowing our participants to explore their surroundings more easily. Private accommodation is not guaranteed.

Rooms will vary in style on each trip; however, they are commonly twin share (2 people to a room with separate beds where possible). Single rooms may be available for an additional room fee provided adequate notice is given to Be World Ready staff. We strive to ensure you have comfortable, affordable accommodations anywhere you travel.

A rooming list will be created by Be World Ready staff and shared with our accommodation providers before your departure. All participants will be emailed and will have the opportunity to identify their preferred roommate(s). While we will make every effort to ensure all preferences are met, we cannot guarantee it.

Absolutely! Do not worry about not knowing any other students on your field study of choice. This is a great chance to meet new people and make friends!

Bring as many travel pals as you like as long as they are current full-time Niagara College students and meet the program eligibility requirements. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept any persons to participate in any of our international field studies that are not current full-time students at Niagara College.

In addition to regular communications shared with participants leading up to the departure of their international field study of choice, Be World Ready requires students to complete online trainings and attend a mandatory pre-departure training session. During the pre-departure training session, students will be presented with the overall expectations of the trip as well as in-depth details concerning their itinerary.

During time abroad, students will be able to communicate with their trip leads directly, 24/7, with any questions or concerns.

No! Students who sign up during the active promotional period for the international field study will be presented with a payment schedule to follow. At time of registration, students will be only required to pay the full non-refundable deposit that is disclosed at time of registration. Students who are permitted to sign up late will be expected to catch up on any payments missed according to the payment schedule advertised.

Study/Work Abroad FAQ

No, we do not presently have a formal job board. However, from time to time, our partners bring opportunities forward to us to share with our students. While we do not have permanent, year-round postings, we encourage students to reach out to our Study Work Abroad advisors located at each campus to inquire about any possible opportunities.

Daniel J Patterson Campus – W015 International Office (located downstairs)

Welland Campus – S100 International Office

Students who participate in a work, study or volunteer abroad opportunity are eligible to receive up to $500 worth of a Be World Ready grant when they return from an experience abroad. Contact our Study Work Abroad advisors in person or by email ([email protected]) for more details.

Daniel J Patterson Campus – W015 International Office (located downstairs)

Welland Campus – S100 International Office

Before inquiring about a semester exchange, it is important to ensure you qualify. To qualify for a potential semester exchange, you must be enrolled in a 3-year advanced diploma or a 4-year bachelor’s degree program.

As every student exchange is a unique opportunity that is specifically crafted by Niagara College and Be World Ready on a case-by-case basis, qualifying students wishing to participate in a semester exchange must complete the initial requirements a MINIMUM of 12 months prior to the desired academic start date at the foreign institution. It will not be possible to arrange a semester exchange within the same academic or calendar year.

For additional information, please review the steps and requirements section located at the bottom of our Semester Exchanges page for more details. If you qualify and are interested in participating in a semester exchange, please email [email protected].

Niagara College and its global educational partners do not exchange fees. Semester exchange students will be required to pay full-time NC tuition, but not the tuition of the partner institution.
Accommodations for semester exchanges are arranged by the student. Be World Ready and Niagara College are unable to arrange accommodations on behalf of the student. The host institution may have resources or supports for securing accommodations and as students are typically not able to secure residence or dorms for a single semester.
During the budget and planning for your semester exchange, you should account for the similar costs that you would be responsible for when living away from home. As an example, but not limited to, rent, hydro, electricity, groceries, local transportation costs, incidental expenses, and any planned travel expenses.

Be World Ready Grants FAQ

The Be World Ready grant is a pre-determined sum of money that is granted to each qualifying student who is travelling on an approved educational trip to offset the cost of their learning experience. The value of the grant can vary depending on the opportunity and select parameters but ranges from $500 – $1000.
There are a series of mandatory requirements that must be completed in full to qualify for the grant. Some of the requirements include an online training module consisting of 5 separate modules and 4 quizzes, pre-departure forms, an in-person pre-departure training session, post-participation focus group and form submission, as well as a written post trip testimonial with pictures. Details of the requirements will be communicated by Be World Ready staff in accordance with the opportunity chosen. Be World Ready staff will also notify participants if they have successfully qualified to receive the grant via email. Students who do not complete all mandatory grant requirements by the stated deadlines risk being charged the full value of the grants back to their student account. Failure to repay Niagara College for the cost of the grants, for those that fail to complete their grant requirements, could impact a student’s ability to graduate.
Depending on the opportunity, the grant may be advanced to offset the cost of the trip and will be deducted from any final payment owing. If the grant is to be awarded after return, it will be posted to your student account as a refund. Students may then request the funds be returned to their debit cards by visiting Student Accounts, if applicable.
Yes, you must complete the online training and complete the waivers again to qualify and receive the grant.