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Are you planning to head abroad to complete a study, work or volunteer placement and want some additional support before departing? If so, contact us at [email protected] to inquire about when the next session for Pre-Departure training session is taking place. Through this training you will participate in a competency based pre-departure program set to equip you with the attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary for personal and professional success overseas.

Pre-departure Orientation:


Logistical support includes advising of travel logistics, contracts and paperwork, guidance with independent research on placement, and support in applying for country visas, and health insurance coverage.


Participants will engage in three days of specialized intercultural effectiveness training provided modeled on the Centre for Intercultural Learning in Ottawa ON. Learning points include: the profile of an inter-culturally effective person, concepts of culture, cultural dimensions and tendencies, communicating across cultures, intercultural adaptation and culture shock and conflict resolution.

This training supports the development of NC world-ready graduates who:

  • Analyze the world and its events through both a local and global lens
  • Is adaptable and resilient
  • Respects and values diversity
  • Is compassionate and self-reflective
  • Understands that intercultural communication is complex and dynamic
  • Innovates and cooperates to solve challenging problems
  • Offers entrepreneurial ideas to build healthy economies and communities
  • Recognizes the realities of the world…but strives to make it better


As part of the pre-departure planning and mitigation for students travelling abroad through the Be World Ready program, or receiving financial grants from the College, you are required to complete the below forms 1) Risk Management Plan, 2) Registration of Canadians Abroad. If you are travelling under a passport other than Canadian, you are encouraged to register your travels abroad with your country of citizenship.