Kansai Gaidai University – Japan

Kansai Gaidai University was founded in 1945 has currently over 13,000 students. The university is located in Hirakata City, which is midway between Kyota, the ancient capital of Japan, and Osaka, the second-largest business hub in Japan. Therefore, the location of the program offers an excellent starting point for your exploration of Japan. The six-week program offered by the Asian Studies Program at Kansai Gaidai University offers invaluable experiences to those students who are interested in learning Japanese language and selected topics in Asian Studies. Benefit from Japan’s high quality of education, experience an internationally recognized university with numerous partnerships around the globe and study in an intercultural environment.

$3,000 Be World Ready Scholarship Available



June 6– July 22, 2019

  • June 6, 2019                                        Day of arrival and Check-in
  • June 7, 2019                                       Orientation day
  • June 10 – July 19, 2019                     Classes and Program
  • July 22, 2019                                      Check-out and day of departure


Program fees are JPY 305,000 ($3,680CAD)

Included in program fee:

  • Tuition for courses in Japanese language and Introduction to Asian Studies
  • Accommodation in international student dormitory and room charge
  • Cultural Activities
  • Liability insurance
  • Some field trips

Program Summary:

The combination of an elementary Japanese language course with lectures in Asian Studies will lay a foundation for understanding Japan and its people. Students will be taught in Japanese for 15 hours and study Asian Studies three to four hours per week. Field trips to historical sites or businesses and student-organized activities will add interesting hands-on experiences to your learning.

Country Highlights & Facts:

Japan is a string of islands located on the eastern edge of Asia. Next to the four main islands – Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu – there are also 4,000 smaller islands. Almost four-fifths of Japan is covered with mountains and Mount Fuji, the highest peak in shape of a volcano, is considered sacred by many Japanese. The country’s cuisine consists of lots of rice, fish and vegetables and it’s believed that the nutritious diet is what makes the Japanese, on average, one of the longest populations in the world. Did you know that Japan has more than 50,000 people who are over 100 years old?

  • Population: 126.75 Million
  • Capital City: Tokyo
  • Currency: Japanese Yen (JPY)
  • Electricity: 100V
  • Official Languages: Japanese
  • Local Time: 13 hours ahead of Niagara College





*Price may increase or decrease depending on exchange rates, final vendor quotes and number of participants.


Hirakata City, Japan


All full-time Niagara College are eligible to apply for this opportunity

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