Portugal – Sun, Sea & History – W24



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Approximate Price

$1000 (BWR grant already applied)

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Application Deadline


Cost Information

Cost for Domestic Students: $500-$1000 (includes IFS + BWR Course)
Cost for International Students: $1000 (includes IFS + BWR Course)
Cost for Students Not Willing to Take the BWR Course: ~$5000 (Full amount of IFS)

Above costs are for International Field Studies, for other programs please see the approximate cost listed above.

Program Information

This opportunity is available to all full-time or part-time, international or domestic, Niagara College students currently enrolled in any program, and will be actively enrolled at the time of travel. Part-time students are defined by Be World Ready as those actively enrolled in a Niagara College program, taking a minimum of 2 classes during the term of travel that contributes to their program progression. Students taking a class that does not contribute to a program would not qualify to participate in a Be World Ready International Field Study. Participation will be prioritized for students who have not yet experienced a Be World Ready IFS since beginning their studies at Niagara College.


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Portugal – Sun, Sea & History – W24

Join Be World Ready this Winter to explore the land set between some of the oldest borders in Europe, a land where old, unique cultural traditions collide with the modern day in a harmonious way, a destination that is as cute as it is delicious – Portugal! Was there ever a more perfect reason to sample world class wines in a picture-perfect setting other than on a trip to Portugal with your fellow Niagara College peers? Stroll the cobblestone streets, roam the lush hills that are scattered with vineyards and dine on mouth watering local delicacies that are made with impeccable ingredients, all while enhancing your global skillset and improving your resume.

Educational and Resume Highlights

  • Learn from industry experts at the Institute of Communication and Media of Lisbon
  • Learn about innovation and MedTech in Portugal
  • Learn from the Hotel Association of Portugal
  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site, Jeronimos Monastery

Tourist and Cultural Highlights

  • Visit the Museu do Azulejo
  • Tour Casal Santa Maria Winery for a tour & tasting
  • Visit an Olive Oil Farm to learn & sample
  • Visit SCP sporting club to learn about football & soccer in Portugal

They say that seeing is believing, and what better way to learn why Portugal continues to be one of the most popular destinations with visitors from all around the world year after year than to join Be World Ready this Winter on an incredible journey to Portugal.  Sign up today and put travel and enhanced education on your calendar this Winter! Are you ready to let Portugal wine and dine you?

My Advisor
Elisabeth Vint
Study + Work Abroad Advisor
Phone: 905-735-2211 x 3669
Location: Daniel J. Patterson Campus

Travel Visa + Immigration Documentation:

Students are responsible for researching and applying for any required visa(s) on their own; Be World Ready is not able to apply for any travel visa(s) on your behalf. Be World Ready will provide you with supporting documentation as needed to apply for a Visa once the deadline to register has passed. All international students will need to ensure that their Study Permits and Student Visas are not expired before the date of return from the international experience, to ensure that there are no challenges upon reentry to Canada. Travel restrictions and requirements for entry to Canada may change at any time. All travellers are responsible for remaining up to date with any restrictions and requirements for travel and re-entry to Canada leading up to and throughout their International Field Study. Niagara College Canada will assume no responsibility for any changes to governing body travel restrictions, required documentation for travel or any refused entry as a result of change. Travellers are encouraged to review the Government of Canada Website for the latest restrictions and requirements for entry to Canada, as well as to check entry requirements to their destination country as a Canadian citizen.

DAY 1: February 24, 2024

Passport? Check. A bit of spending money? Check. Excited for the most incredible break week ever? Triple check! Make your way to Toronto Pearson International Airport to meet up with your fellow travel mates to check in for your direct flight to Lisbon, Portugal! Get comfy, enjoy the flight, and try to catch a few winks as the excitement begins upon landing!

DAY 2: February 25, 2024

Check-in to your hotel in Lisbon and enjoy brunch and an orientation followed by a walking tour of the city and a free evening to explore!

DAY 3: February 26, 2024

Olive Oil Farm Visit: While Portugal’s neighbor Spain takes the prize for being the largest olive oil exporter, Portugal managed an impressive $604 million in pure olive oil exports in 2019. Visit an olive oil farm to hear more about the national production and exports, and even sample some delicious olive oil!

In the afternoon, you’ll head to Jeronimos Monastery: This former monastery and UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Belém, Lisbon, is the final resting place of explorer Vasco da Gama. One of the most visited places in Lisbon, the monastery includes a one-of-a-kind church with unique architecture, and stunning cloisters in the Manueline style.

  • Included:
    • Breakfast
    • Welcome Dinner

DAY 4: February 27, 2024

Startups in Portugal: Towards the end of 2021 the Portuguese government made a move to even further expand Portugal’s already dynamic startup ecosystem by announcing another €250 million in support for local startups. Meet with a company at the forward edge of Portuguese startup wave in order to learn more. Options include: Startup Portugal, ANJE, IAPMEI, among others.

After some free time for lunch, experience innovation in Portugal: For the past 5 years Portugal has been considered the 4th most innovative country in Europe. Meet with one of the country’s leading innovative companies and learn what they are doing to make an  impact.

  • Included:
    • Breakfast
  • Attire: Business Casual

DAY 5: February 28, 2024

Today we learn about sporting in Portugal: Football – or soccer, as we know it – is a staple in Portuguese culture. SCP is one
of the country’s top clubs, so this is a can’t-miss visit during your time in Portugal. Visit the stadium and learn more about this iconic club and sports marketing in Portugal!

Next, we explore the pharmaceutical MedTech industry: The need for advanced and accessible medical solutions has become even more pressing and evident with the arrival of the pandemic. Meet with one of the MedTech companies with operations in
Portugal to learn more about what they do and the impact they have.

  • Included:
    • Breakfast
  • Attire: Business Casual

DAY 6: February 29, 2024

Visit the Hotel Association of Portugal: Associação de Hotelaria de Portugal is the largest hotel association in Portugal, with about 700 members which, between independent units and large chains, represent more than two-thirds of the hotel contribution to the national
economy. It is a private, non-profit association with centenary roots, recognized as a Public Utility Institution in 2013. As an employer’s association, AHP focuses its efforts on creating the best business conditions for hotel activity in Portugal.

Next up, the Institute of Communication and Media of Lisbon! The ICML is a private research center, recognized nationally and
internationally as a leader in the communication domain. Learn more about the ICML’s approach to communication and politics,
advertising and marketing, strategic communication and PR, journalism, media, and digital culture.

Free Time To Explore
Optional: Fado Music Tour

  • Included:
    • Breakfast
  • Attire: Business Casual

DAY 7: March 1, 2024

Enjoy a Market Tour and Cooking Class! Buy fresh ingredients direct from one of Lisbon’s colorful, bustling markets bursting with fresh
vegetables and a variety of fresh fish and shellfish. Next, learn to cook several delicious and traditional Portuguese dishes in
an engaging cooking class, and enjoy your creation for lunch!

Next, we visit the Museu do Azulejo: Located in the Madre de Deus Convent, Portugal’s national tile museum was founded in 1509. Its extensive collections offer a journey through the history of tile, from 15th century to the present day.

  • Included:
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch

DAY 8: March 2, 2024

Today we take a day trip to Sintra! Sintra is a beautiful destination right outside of Lisbon that looks like it came straight out of a
fairytale. It’s so lovely, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spend the day exploring this can’t-miss destination and visit the National Palace in Sintra.

After lunch, visit the Casal Santa Maria Winery:  The production of wine is vastly important to Portugal and known worldwide for the wine that comes from its homegrown vines. Visit a local vineyard and learn more about the country’s wine industry and the vineyard’s
operations. After a few wine tastings, we will gather for a final farewell dinner to conclude our adventures in Portugal!

  • Included:
    • Breakfast
    • Farewell Dinner

DAY 9: March 3, 2024

It’s an early wake up call this morning as we pack up our suitcases and hopefully a couple of amazing souvenirs and head back to the airport for the journey to Toronto. We hope you had an incredible week and leave feeling inspired and already planning your return adventure. Adeus Lisboa! Till next time.

  • Included:
    • Breakfast

Selection Process: International Field Studies participation will be prioritized for students who have not yet experienced a Be World Ready IFS since beginning their studies at Niagara College. Participants will be confirmed by Be World Ready based on not having participated in a BWR experience before, being in good academic standing now and before the departure of the IFS, being actively enrolled in a program at Niagara College during the term of travel, and confirmation that you understand and agree to your enrollment in the general or liberal elective course requirements to participate.

NEW Payment Process: Students will not be able to make payment until after Be World Ready has reviewed their application and confirmed eligibility. You will receive a link by email from [email protected] with instructions on submitting payment once your eligibility has been confirmed.

Disclaimers: Be World Ready does their best to execute the itinerary as outlined above, however all elements are subject to change based on availability or requirement to adapt due to circumstances outside of our control. Students are also reminded that it is their responsibility to research the entry requirements to the destination countries visited per their nationality and vaccination status.

* Price per student is in Canadian Dollars and reflects the Be World Ready (BWR) grant which has been applied to the total trip cost to heavily subsidize the rate per person for our Winter 2024 International Field Studies (IFS). To qualify for the full value of the BWR grant applied to this IFS, mandatory training and tasks are required to be completed, training and task expectations will be clearly communicated by BWR staff upon registration and further clarified at the beginning of the Be World Ready course. Failure to complete the requirements as outlined by BWR staff will result in the value of the grant being billed back to the applicable student account, up to a maximum of $2500. Securing your seat on this trip will occur on a first come, first serve basis based on registration date, and meeting payment deadlines; however, if we receive more applicants than there are spaces, preference will be given to those who have not yet had the opportunity to travel with Be World Ready.

  • Included
    • Round-trip airfare, including 1 checked bag (maximum weight is 23kg/50lb and maximum size is 158cm/62 linear inches)
    • Accommodations
    • Travel insurance
    • Breakfast daily at hotel
    • 1 lunch
    • 2 dinners
    • Ground transportation in country
    • Activities as described in the itinerary
    • Rate per student is inclusive of taxes and fees


  • Not Included
    • Visa Fees (if necessary)
    • Passport (or any associated costs)
    • Transportation to/from Toronto
    • Meals not outlined in the daily itinerary
    • Items of a personal nature
    • Souvenirs
    • Departure taxes (otherwise known as an Exit Tax) or additional fees for items not noted as included, if applicable. Example of additional fees could be overweight baggage.
The Be World Ready program at Niagara College prepares you for global success through education, exchange, and international experience. This program offers you the opportunity to experience culturally diverse learning environments, understand different perspectives and connect practical skills with a global mindset to help you launch your career.
An international field study is a 7 – 10 day experience that incorporates both vocational and cultural elements, while visiting some of the world’s most famous sights! Many of our international field studies are customized for specific Schools and programs at Niagara College, allowing students to apply the skills learned in the classroom in a real-world setting. All international field studies depart during the Niagara College break weeks to ensure that students do not miss any classes.
All international field studies will include roundtrip airfare (where applicable), accommodations, travel insurance, entrance fees as outlined in the itinerary, and some meals as outlined in the itinerary. A detailed list of inclusions and exclusions will be viewable on the posted webpage for any international field study on our website. Participants can expect to purchase some meals on their own and will need to bring spending money for any souvenirs, extra excursions, incidentals or items of a personal nature.

No. All aspects noted as included in the overall cost of the selected international field study are mandatory with no exceptions made. Our international field studies are built using group pricing and it is important that we do not deviate from the inclusions as it could negatively impact our ability to offer fair pricing to all participants.

In addition to affecting group pricing, these are our Niagara College International Field Study policies, and we cannot deviate from them, as they are part of our risk mitigation and management.

No. Students are not able to book their own flight in any way or alter the flights confirmed by Be World Ready. The round-trip flights as confirmed by Be World Ready are part of the package pricing, and the group is to travel to and from the destination country together.

These are our Niagara College International Field Study policies, and we cannot deviate from them, as they are part of our risk mitigation and management.

Each international field study destination has different accommodation providers or themes. Accommodation types that are used may include a combination of dorm-style rooms, homestays, tourist class hotels, or occasionally hostels. We strive to ensure we use centrally located accommodation when in city centres, allowing our participants to explore their surroundings more easily. Private accommodation is not guaranteed.

Rooms will vary in style on each trip; however, they are commonly twin share (2 people to a room with separate beds where possible). Single rooms may be available for an additional room fee provided adequate notice is given to Be World Ready staff. We strive to ensure you have comfortable, affordable accommodations anywhere you travel.

Students will be given the opportunity to meet their fellow travellers before the deadline to submit their roommate requests. Be World Ready does their best to accommodate rooming requests, but please note that final rooming arrangements are subject to room occupancy requirements and availability. A rooming list will be created by Be World Ready staff and shared with our accommodation providers before your departure. All participants will be emailed and will have the opportunity to identify their preferred roommate(s). While we will make every effort to ensure all preferences are met, we cannot guarantee it.

As long as they are current full-time Niagara College students and meet the program eligibility requirements. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept any persons to participate in any of our international field studies that are not current full-time students at Niagara College.

In addition to regular communications shared with participants leading up to the departure of their international field study of choice, Be World Ready requires students to attend the Be World Ready course, which includes but is not limited to, online trainings and pre-departure training sessions. During the pre-departure training sessions, students will be presented with the overall expectations of the trip as well as in-depth details concerning their itinerary.

During their time abroad, students will be able to communicate with their trip leads directly, 24/7, with any questions or concerns.

All participants are required to hold a passport that is valid for a minimum of 6 months beyond any expected date of return to participate in any opportunity involving outbound travel.

You are responsible for researching and applying for any required visa(s) on your own. Be World Ready is unable to tell you what visa you require and how to apply. Be World Ready will provide you with supporting documentation as needed to apply for a Visa. While Be World Ready is not able to advise or guide you in a heightened level of detail through any particular visa process, you may consider hiring a travel visa service to assist you with the visa application process, such as CIBT visas. Please note that Be World Ready and Niagara College do not endorse any third-party vendors, nor have any influence or control over any outcomes or services rendered. We cannot apply for a visa on behalf of any participant.

All international students will need to ensure that their Study Permits and Student Visas are not expired before the date of return from the international experience, to ensure that there are no challenges with reentry to Canada.

Yes, while it is great to have a Nexus card, all participants must hold a passport that is valid for a minimum of 6 months beyond any expected date of return in order to participate in any opportunity outside of Canada.
Depending on your destination country, we encourage you to book an appointment with a travel health professional regarding any additional vaccinations and medications you may need. It is strongly encouraged that you book an appointment with the Campus Nurse to go over this information. To do so, please visit the medical office to book an appointment at your respective campus.
Be World Ready takes the safety of our staff and students very seriously and has a rigorous risk management assessment when creating all opportunities. Be World Ready staff monitor destination country risk levels as communicated by the Government of Canada. Your safety is the most important aspect of this trip. Be World Ready and Niagara College take all possible precautions to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable experience while travelling abroad.
Students who sign up during the active promotional period for the international field study will be presented with a payment schedule to follow. At time of registration, students will be only required to pay the full non-refundable deposit that is disclosed at time of registration. Students who are permitted to sign up late will be expected to catch up on any payments missed according to the payment schedule advertised. In some instances, there may only be one payment due date.
Complete the eligibility quiz linked on the webpage of the International Field Study you’re interested in to find out if you meet eligibility requirements.
No. Students will not directly receive grant money as the full value of the grant has already been applied to the final payment to offset the total cost of the learning experience abroad. For students who do not complete all grant requirements by established deadlines (including the time of submission), the full grant amount may be charged directly to their student account. Details on grant requirements will be shared with you as part of the mandatory Be World Ready (SOCL 1128 or IDPL 9103) course, which all students participating in a Be World Ready International Field Study must enroll in and successfully complete to receive funding.
Students are only permitted to travel on an IFS to their home country if the IFS is program specific. IFS’ that are open to students from all programs do not permit students to travel if the destination is their home country. The purpose of the grant funding is to help students gain global competencies that they would not otherwise be exposed to, and as such, travelling to destinations they’ve previously lived in does not support this goal.
Students have the potential to travel and receive funding through Be World Ready up to 2 times; students can travel once on either an International Field Study, Summer Institute, or Semester Exchange, and they can potentially travel again for a Work Abroad opportunity (if eligibility requirements are met – please note that if more applications are received than work abroad grants available, priority will be given to those who have never travelled on any type of Be World Ready experience before). So, if you’re wanting to travel on an International Field Study, note that participation on an IFS is permitted only for students who have not yet experienced a Be World Ready IFS, Summer Institute, or Semester Exchange since beginning their studies at Niagara College.


Other Important Information

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